Salla Seppä

Jouhikko, voice.
Salla Seppä has made her first jouhikko in 1997 in Kaustinen. Salla is a freelancer and musician teacher. She is also known from her beautiful and touching singing.

Pekko Käppi

Jouhikko, alto-jouhikko, voice.
Pekko got to know the jouhikko at the Ala-Könni School in Kaustinen in 1997, after which jouhikko has been his main instrument. Pekko studies ethnomusicology and besides the jouhikko, he is well-versed in the FInnish runo-singing tradition as a researcher and singer. His debut album " Kalastajia ja kaivostyöläisiä" was released in 2001. Viddas and Äjia are some of the other groups Pekko performs with.

Rauno Nieminen

Jouhikko, voice.
Rauno is a musician, instrument builder and a researcher. Playing and building instruments have been a parallel occupation since the 1960's. Rauno is one of the influential people in the resurgence of jouhikko. He has writa a PhD about jouhikko at the Sibelius Academy 2008.

Ilkka Heinonen

Jouhikko, alto-jouhikko, bass-jouhikko, voice.
Ilkka studies at the Sibelius Academy, where his main instrument is double-bass. Ilkka has played jouhikko since the first beats of the third millenium. He also performs with the klezmer band Freilach mit Kneidlach, as well as in Ruuti and Kirjava Lintu.