Jouhiorkesteri showcase at Womex this autumn

Jouhiorkesteri has been invited to perform in the official showcase programme of WOMEX World Music Expo. Womex takes place October 29 - November 2, 2008 in Sevilla, Spain. Jouhiorkesteri was one of the first confirmed showcase acts announced by Womex in mid-July. This is a significant achievement: the Womex showcase programme is highly competitive, and hundreds of acts apply for showcase possibility every year. Only about 40 performers are elected to the selection, which often does not favor acts from European countries.

Jouhiorkesteri - "Horse-Hair Orchestra" is a four-member ensemble whose main instrument is the ancient and unique jouhikko, bowed lyre. The band was established in the beginning of 2000´s and released their debute album Nikodemus (Ääniä Records) in May 2008. The jouhikko as well as Jouhiorkesteri's music gained positive attention during the folk music showcase Arctic Paradise LIVE, which was organised by Finnish Music Information Centre (Fimic) in Helsinki in April 2008. Several of the invited professionals at the showcase were influential also at Womex, and they were impressed about Finnish contemporary folk music, jouhikko and Jouhiorkesteri.

Womex World Music Expo is the most significant gathering of world music professionals. Each year, around 3000 gatekeepers including promoters, agents, record companies and media from all over the world attend Womex.


Jouhiorkesteri released their debut-CD Nikodemus in May 2008. Jouhiorkesteri - the Horse-Hair Orchestra - has made a moving CD where an old and forgotten instrument has in one leap reclaimed it's position among the well-known string in- struments. The CD has been made by four dedicated talents: the master instrument builder Rauno Nieminen, Marianne Maans who has come of age together with the latest folk mu- sic wave, and two players from the younger generation of folk musicians: Pekko Käppi, with an established solo jouhikko career, and Ilkka Heinonen who specialises in low-range jou- hikko.

The quartet can sound like a big string orchestra or an in- timate chamber group, with the added spice of overtone flute, Jew's harp and the human voice giving it variation and depth. This CD has been released with support from The Finnish Performing Music Promotion Centre (ESEK) and The Founda- tion for the Promotion of Finnish Music (LUSES).

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